A new online service Agroruqsat - electronic register of passes was launched on the Qoldau.kz business platform. The service allows getting an indefinite pass for the movement of individuals and vehicles across the borders of villages, districts and regions where a quarantine and a ban on movement was introduced in an emergency.

In order to get a pass, you must submit an application on the Qoldau portal.kz and obtain the approval from the relevant authorities. To get it, the farmer will not need to contact the akimats or law enforcement agencies. Data about the fields of the landowner and registered in the name vehicles to verify in the automatic mode with national databases ("State land cadastre" system, "Vehicle" database of the Ministry of internal affairs of Kazakhstan, "State register of agricultural machinery" state database of the Ministry of agriculture). Also, suppliers — companies that supply agricultural machinery, spare parts or provide machine-building and/or transport services-will be able to get an electronic pass. This data will also be checked against the "E-licensing" and the "Vehicle" state databases in automatic mode.

It is also important that the new service minimizes the risk of corruption. The mechanism for obtaining electronic passes AgroRuqsat is integrated with the "Sergek" system, which is installed at checkpoints – this will speed up the process of crossing the borders of quarantine zones by transport.

In addition, due to the fact that each region, and even each district today solves the issue of crossing borders/checkpoints by its own methods (official appeals, submission of lists, mailing lists, including through social messengers), there is a risk that such permits may be obtained for illegal remuneration by persons who have nothing to do with the agro-industrial complex. In contrast, the AgroRuqsat service is transparent, and also does not require any payment from the farmer.

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