"Smart Uralsk” mobile app

To date, the Smart Uralsk mobile app has been successfully operating. Users of this app are provided with a free online service to get important information about city services in the field of education, health, transport, tourism, housing and utilities, land relations and other areas. In addition, this application allows you to conduct various financial transactions, contact iKomek109, there is a city call center for emergency services 109 that receives calls around the clock. 

Note that, in connection with the latest events, namely coronavirus infection, the STOP Covid19 section has been added, which contains all the necessary useful and up-to-date information about coronavirus: hotline numbers, prevention methods, symptoms, and statistics. 

The app is available for Android and Apple Store systems, in three languages. 

Mobile apps help people solve daily pressing problems, because the main assistant is already in your hands.

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