"Zerde" Holding to introduce the AI-GOV concept
Today, "Zerde" "National Infocommunication Holding” JSC presented the new strategy for the next ten years.

The new initiative contains an analysis of the current state of the Holding, performance indicators of the company, strategic areas of activity and expected results for them. This presentation became a dialogue platform for the management team of Zerde Holding and its subsidiaries - National Information Technologies JSC, Astana Hub International Technopark of IT Startups, Center for Engineering and Technology Transfer JSC and Astana IT University.

"The Zerde team has made every effort to develop an important strategic document. After reading it, you may think that the Holding sets unattainable tasks, since there are many barriers to the development of digitalization. As the new strategy shows, it is always necessary to strive for more," said Ablaikhan Ospanov, Vice Minister of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry.

In his welcoming speech, Chairman of the Board of Zerde Arman Abdrasilov noted that the new mission of the Holding is to improve the quality of life of Kazakhstanis.

"We see the role of Zerde in the development of the ICT industry. To do this, we must play ahead of the curve and be a leader in the development of the entire ICT sector in the country and region," the head of the Holding said.

Regarding the development strategy, Arman Abdrasilov identified 5 main areas, namely, improving the efficiency of data management, promoting technological ecosystems, developing the startup ecosystem, increasing the value of the Holding's assets, and supporting entrepreneurship in the ICT segment.

"Over the next 10 years, we should enter the top 10 countries in the E-government Development Index in the world and increase the share of open data used in non-state applications and services to 80 percent of their total volume by 2030. Today it is 5 percent," the Chairman of the Management board shared his plans.

Among the main challenges of the Holding are the transition from the concept of electronic interaction between citizens and the state (E-GOV) to the concept of digital government (AI-GOV), the creation of more than 10 thousand jobs through the implementation of the technology platforms program.

In addition, the Holding plans to allocate 1.5 billion tenge in the form of grants for innovators, which will help launch at least 10 technological ecosystems.

Within the framework of the presentation, which was held in the World Cafe format of (an informal meeting), 5 key topics were discussed – "The right strategy – the path to success", "Risks and opportunities", "Mission and Vision", "Creation and development of innovative ecosystems", "Implementation of AI-GOV and striving for leadership". The participants of the meeting were able to share their experience and present their proposals.